8 Best Pulse Oximeters in The Market

Choosing the best pulse oximeter in the market is vital to health-conscious individuals who monitor oxygen saturation and pulse rate often. Pulse oximeters have become indispensable devices in today’s health-conscious world and with a wide range of options available in the market, choosing the best pulse oximeter can be a daunting task. This article aims to provide an overview of the top pulse oximeters currently dominating the market, considering factors such as accuracy, ease of use, durability, and additional features.

Whether you’re a healthcare professional, an athlete, or an individual concerned about their well-being, this comprehensive guide will help you make an informed decision to find the best pulse oximeter that suits your needs and/or of those of your loved one while delivering reliable results.

What Is a Pulse Oximeter?

This is a small, portable or non-portable device used to measure oxygen saturation levels in the blood and heart rate. They work by emitting light, typically red and infrared, through a person’s fingertip, toe, or earlobe. The device then detects the amount of light that passes through the tissue and calculates the oxygen saturation level based on the difference in absorption between oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. Best pulse oximeters in the market are widely used in medical settings, such as hospitals and clinics, but also find utility in home healthcare, fitness, and aviation industries. They provide a quick and non-invasive way to assess oxygen levels, making them valuable for monitoring respiratory conditions, assessing overall health, and ensuring safety in various settings.

What to Consider When Buying The Best Pulse Oximeters in The Market

Here is a list of key considerations:

Ease of Use: opt for a user-friendly device with intuitive controls and a simple interface. It should be easy to operate and understand without any complex procedures.

Durability: Check for a pulse oximeter that is well-built and sturdy, capable of withstanding regular use and potential accidental drops or impacts.

Accuracy: Look for pulse oximeters that provide accurate readings to ensure reliable monitoring of oxygen saturation levels and heart rate.

Display: Consider the size, brightness, and readability of the display. A clear and easy-to-read screen is important, especially in different lighting conditions.

Battery Life: Evaluate the battery life of the pulse oximeter, as longer battery life ensures extended use without frequent recharging or battery replacement.

Fit and Comfort: Consider the design and ergonomics of the device, ensuring a comfortable fit on the finger, toe, or earlobe. It should be lightweight and non-intrusive during use.

Additional Features: Some pulse oximeters offer extra features like data storage, Bluetooth connectivity, alarm settings, and compatibility with mobile apps for tracking and analysis. Assess which additional features are important to you.

Brand Reputation: Consider purchasing a pulse oximeter from a reputable brand known for producing reliable medical devices and receiving positive customer reviews.

Price: Compare the prices of different models and consider the value for money. Avoid compromising on quality for the sake of a lower price.

Certification: Look for pulse oximeters that are certified by regulatory bodies, such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), to ensure they meet quality and safety standards.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision and find the best pulse oximeter that meets your requirements and we hope the following list will help to do just that.

Best Pulse Oximeters in The Market

1) Medical Grade Pulse Oximeter by SonoHealth 

Medical Grade Pulse Oximeter by SonoHealth - Fingertip Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor, Data Recording, Bluetooth-Enabled - Lifetime Mobile App Access


The SonoHealth oximeter is really nice and accurate especially when in patients with lung problems who require to monitor their blood oxygen saturation often.

Its compatible with smartphones and uses wearable sensor to monitor the oxygen levels. Its battery is made of alkaline.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Life time mobile app access
  • Records data
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Easy to read
  • Good storage case


  • SonoHealth app takes a while to connect

2) Continuous Wrist Pulse Oximeter with Smart reminder 

Continuous Wrist Pulse Oximeter, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Smart reminder, Bluetooth, 72 Hours Endurance Tracking SpO2 and Pulse Rate, Checkme O2 Max with PC Software & APP


Wearpulse continuous wrist pulse oximeter monitors your blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate accurately while giving real-time readings on its display. It is compatible with IOS & Android operating systems and works with ViHealth APP for multi-user management.

The ViHealth App and O2 Insight Pro free software allows the user to keep and manage their records while producing detailed PDF/CSV/Binary reports that can be shared with health care providers. The adjustable threshold buzzer and vibration in the device will remind you when the O2 levels or pulse rate exceeds the threshold you preset.

The oximeter keeps the latest 4 sets of 10 hours data in the device and automatically sync and store in the APP once connected.


  • Easy to Use
  • Comfortable wearing
  • Has a ring sensor to avoid falling off
  • Up to 72 hours battery life when fully charged
  • Has endurance tracking
  • Smart reminder


  • Limited use to sports and aviation only
  • Expensive

3) Wearpulse best pulse oximeter in the market for a baby 

Baby Oxygen Meter Finger Pulse Oximeter, O2 Sat Monitor for Kids, Tracks Adult and Infant Blood Oxygen Saturation & Pulse Rate, Toddler Foot O2 Monitor with Audio Reminder, Free APP Report


This is one of the best pulse oximeters in the market that allows you to monitor your blood oxygen saturation levels, pulse rate, perfusion index and pulse strength and display it on the OLED screen in real-time. Pulse rate accurate to 2 bpm; SpO2 levels accurate to 2% between 80-100% saturation levels. It measures the adult’s O2 level and pulse rate through fingertip or connect the infant SpO2 sensor for baby use.

The oximeter reminds you with a buzzer and the corresponding reading flash on the screen if your 02 level or PR value exceeds the preset limit which is also adjustable.


  • Accurate and reliable
  • Can be used for both adult and toddlers
  • Easy to use
  • Has a smart reminder
  • Easy to read
  • Has an app


  • The pediatric sensor takes longer
  • Not rechargeable

4) Wellue Wearable Pulse Oximeter Rechargeable O2ring 

Wellue Wearable Pulse Oximeter - Rechargeable O2ring Bluetooth Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Reminder, Continuous Tracking of Oxygen Level and Pulse Rate with Free APP & PC Software


Wellue Wearable Pulse Oximeter is also one of the best pulse oximeters in the market that continuously tracks Oxygen Level, Pulse rate and Perfusion index in every second. It comes with free app that keeps data which can be transferred to smart phone for more detailed information. It supports to share JPG or CSV reports with others for free and is compatible with iOS 9.0 or above, iPhone 4s/ iPad 3 or above, Android 5.0 or above, with Bluetooth 4.0 BLE.

The O2ring stores four sets of 10-hour data and supports synchronizing the data to the software for management via Bluetooth.


  • Easy to use
  • Has long battery life of up to 16hors when fully charged
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Has a smart reminder
  • Has a free app
  • Comfortable


  • The app takes time to configure

5) Livenpace Continuous Oxiband Pulse Oximeter

Livenpace Continuous Oxiband Pulse Oximeter, Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor with Audio Reminder, 72hrs long battery life, Detailed APP& PC Reports by PDF/CSV


Livenpace Continuous Oxiband Pulse Oximeter records your blood O2 level, pulse rate and body motion every second with extreme accuracy. Its adjustable vibration and audio reminder gently wakes you up if your SpO2 falls below or your heart rate exceeds a level you define.

The device stores four groups of 10-hour data and automatically uploads data when the device is connected to the APP via Bluetooth. The app allows you to share detailed data and trend easily, view your real-time oxygen level, set reminder vibration intensity on the “Vihealth” APP and manage your history reports on “O2 Insight Pro” PC Software.


  • Long lasting battery
  • Comfortable
  • Non slip
  • Has smart vibration & audio reminder
  • Built-in Memory
  • Comes with free APP & PC Software
  • Produces reliable detailed Reports


  • The charging cable not easy to find

6) CMI Health Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter 

CMI Health best Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter in the market - Adult Finger Spot-Checking - Adjustable Alarm for Pulse Rate and SpO2 Levels - Carry Case, AC Adapter Included


CMI Health Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter was manufactured according to CE, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 professional standards. It measures Pulse rate accurate to 2 bpm, oxygen saturation levels accurately to 3% between 70-100% saturation levels.

This oximeter allows you to set high/low pulse rates and low oxygen levels at which an audible alarm sounds and can store up to 384 hours of data without Wi-Fi or smartphone.

It includes handheld pulse oximeter; Adult finger spot checking sensor (not for overnight use); Converter cable; Data cable; Stand; Carry bag; Charging cable; AC adapter.


  • 1-year limited warranty for device
  • 6-month warranty for sensors
  • Free sensor replacement, repair, or exchange
  • Easy to use
  • Its easy to read
  • Stores data without Wi-Fi
  • Available for all age groups


  • Overnight sensor available separately
  • Nonstandard data out connector

7)HealthTree Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter

HealthTree Rechargeable Pulse Oximeter


This HealthTree handheld pulse oximeter measures 8.7 x 6.77 x 2.83 inches, weighs 1.37 Pounds and uses 4 AAAA batteries that are rechargeable.

The oximeter comes with a reminding system that gives an audio warning if the measured value exceeds the preset threshold.

It is highly accurate to 1% and can accurately detect SpO2, pulse rate and perfusion index. The results are displayed on the large LED screen in 2-5 seconds.


  • It is rechargeable
  • Has both infant and adult modes
  • Can store data for multiple users
  • Offers accurate and fast results
  • Can be used for Continuous Measurement
  • It measures more than parameter
  • Comes with Bluetooth function that connects to your phone


  • It does not hold a charge for long

8)Vibeat WearO2 Pulse Oximeter with Bluetooth 

Vibeat WearO2 best Pulse Oximeter in the market with Bluetooth


Vibeat WearO2 Pulse Oximeter can be used to do continuous tracking of blood oxygen level, heart rate and body motion for up to 12-16 hours after fully charged. The patented soft silicon ring sensor is light, convenient and portable for all day use. The perimeter of the OxyRing is 2.0″-3.2″/ 50-82mm and its HSA/FSA approved.

The oximeter features an easily adjustable alarm free app that provides detailed report together with built in memory that can store four groups of 10-hour data on device which uploads automatically via Bluetooth to the app.


  • Easy to use
  • Stores data for long
  • Comfortable to use
  • Allows data transfer
  • Easy to read
  • Useful when paired with CPAP data
  • Brightness can be adjusted
  • It has 2 years battery life


  • Does not store charge for long
  • App needs to be brought to foreground for data transfer

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FAQs with answers for Best Pulse Oximeters in The Market

Can pulse oximeters be used on children and infants?

Yes. However, it’s important to ensure that the device is appropriate for pediatric use and has the necessary sensor size or attachment options. Some manufacturers offer pulse oximeters specifically designed for children, featuring smaller sensors and child-friendly designs. Always consult with a healthcare professional for guidance on using pulse oximeters with children and infants.

How long does the battery of a pulse oximeter typically last?

The battery life of a pulse oximeter can vary depending on the model and usage patterns. On average, most pulse oximeters have battery lives ranging from 20 to 40 hours of continuous use. It’s advisable to check the product specifications or user manual for specific information on battery life.

Are there any specific certifications to look for when purchasing a pulse oximeter?

Yes. when purchasing a pulse oximeter, it’s recommended to look for certifications from regulatory bodies such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) or CE (Conformité Européene). These certifications indicate that the device meets certain quality and safety standards. It’s important to note that certification requirements may vary by country or region, so ensure the pulse oximeter meets the relevant standards for your location.

Can pulse oximeters be used during exercise or physical activities?

Yes. They can provide valuable insights into an individual’s fitness level, intensity of workouts, and recovery. Look for pulse oximeters with features like motion resistance or sport-specific modes that provide accurate readings even during movement. It’s worth noting that during intense exercise, the readings may temporarily fluctuate due to factors such as increased blood flow and changes in breathing patterns.


In a nutshell, choosing the best pulse oximeter from the market requires careful consideration of several factors as explained above. By evaluating these aspects, individuals can select a pulse oximeter that provides accurate readings, is user-friendly, durable, and offers desired features. Remember to prioritize quality and reliability over price, and opt for devices from reputable brands with positive customer reviews. Whether for medical professionals, athletes, or individuals monitoring their health, finding the best pulse oximeter ensures accurate and convenient monitoring of oxygen saturation levels and heart rate.