7 Best Emergency Triangle Bandage

Are you searching for the best emergency triangle bandage? In this comprehensive guide, we will share the best option to deliver value for your money.

Emergency triangle bandages are a game-changer when immobilizing a fractured arm, dressing a wound, or even making an improvised sling. This is why they are a great addition to any first aid kit.

Emergency triangle bandages are made from durable materials. They are a long-lasting option compared to some other types of bandages.

In addition, they are inexpensive but offer a range of uses. They are also very easy to use.

However, there are many emergency triangle bandages available. This makes it challenging to find a reliable option for your first aid kit. This is why we are here to help.

Let us get right into it.

What is a Triangle Bandage

A triangle bandage is a piece of cloth usually shaped like a right triangle. It is usually found in most first aid kits.

Triangle bandages are made from cotton or other breathable materials. These bandages are popular because of their flexibility in usage.

Here are some common uses for a triangle bandage:

  • Sling – To support a broken or injured arm.
  • Pressure Dressing – To hold a dressing in place over a wound.
  • Tourniquet – To control severe bleeding, although this should only be done as a last resort and by those who know the proper technique.
  • Splint – To immobilize a broken or sprained limb along with other materials like sticks or boards.
  • Bandage – To cover and protect smaller wounds, blisters, or burns.
  • Head Bandage – To hold a dressing on a head wound.

What To Consider When Buying The Best Emergency Triangle Bandage

Here are some of the factors to consider:


It is important to check the material of the triangle bandage before purchasing. Cotton triangle bandages are breathable and absorbent but are not as durable.

Synthetic triangle bandages are more durable and have water-resistant properties. However, they are not comfortable or breathable.


The size should be appropriate for the person it is intended for. In addition, you should ensure the dimensions are sufficient for various wrapping techniques and injuries.


Some bandages come pre-sterilized, which is beneficial in emergencies where sterilization methods are not readily available.


We recommend buying vacuum-sealed triangle bandages because they maintain sterility. They also last for a long time.

Quality Certifications

In the U.S., FDA approval can be a quality and safety marker while in Europe, the CE mark indicates that the product meets certain safety standards. To add, look for customer reviews to gauge product quality. This will help you make an informed purchase.


Bandages come in various price ranges. Therefore, you should decide your budget beforehand and try to get the best quality within that range. Consider buying the options shared in this guide because they come with first-aid instructions or quick-reference guides, which are useful in emergencies.

Additional Features

Some triangle bandages come with additional features like safety pins or Velcro to assist in securing the bandage.

8 Best Emergency Triangle Bandage

1) Ever Ready First Aid Triangular Bandage – 100% Cotton

Ever Ready First Aid Triangular Bandage - 100% Cotton


The Ever Ready First Aid Triangular Bandage is the best option for those searching for a breathable triangular bandage. This bandage is effective and multi-functional, making it an indispensable part of any first aid kit.

The Ever Ready Triangular Bandage is a multi-purpose lifesaver. It is designed to compress various injuries effectively, ranging from minor cuts to severe cases like broken bones. This makes it an invaluable resource in any emergency.

We recommend these bandages because they are individually packaged. This means you can easily stash a few in different places.


  • Multi-purpose design
  • Soft non-woven cotton
  • Each bandage is individually wrapped
  • Its design allows it to act as an arm sling
  • Easy to store
  • Affordable pricing


  • Instructions could be better

2) Primacare D-3680 First Aid Triangular Splint Bandage with Safety Pins

Primacare D-3680 First Aid Triangular Splint Bandage with Safety Pins


The Primacare D-3680 offers a gentle and latex-free experience ideal for various skin types. The bandage is available in a generous size, measuring 40″ x 40″ x 56″, making it versatile for various types of injuries.

Each triangular splint bandage is packaged individually and includes two safety pins. These safety pins ensure the bandage stays in place, offering patients comfort and stability.

The multipurpose nature of this bandage extends beyond medical emergencies. It can be folded in multiple ways for non-medical applications like filtering water, acting as a facemask, tying knots, or wrapping items.


  • 100% non-woven cotton
  • Easy to use design
  • Safety pins included
  • Suitable for non-medical uses
  • Bulk packaging at an affordable price


  • Not waterproof

3) Dynarex 12 Triangular Bandage 40x40x56, 12 Count

Dynarex 12 Triangular Bandage 40x40x56, 12 Count


The Dynarex 12 Triangular Bandage is another excellent option for emergencies, whether you are out hiking or simply at home. This bandage is made from soft cotton that is absorbent and pliable.

The Dynarex 12 Triangular Bandage is not your ordinary medical accessory. It’s designed to compress various injuries, support sprains, and even serve as an arm sling in case of broken bones.

We recommend these bandages because they are ideal for those searching for wound care solutions, dental supplies, or even tattoo artistry tools.


  • Multipurpose use
  • Made of soft, pliable cotton
  • Ample sizing to cover different injuries
  • Superior quality
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • Bulky

4.) North by Honeywell 020374 Triangular Bandage

North by Honeywell 020374 Triangular Bandage


If you are searching for an affordable emergency triangular bandage with safety pins, the North by Honeywell 020374 Triangular Bandage is a solid choice. One of the key attributes that set this bandage apart is that it’s latex-free.

This cloth is made from soft cotton to ensure maximum comfort when applied to wounds or used as a makeshift sling. The cotton material allows the skin to breathe, which is crucial for speedy recovery.

This bandage is available in white, which makes it easy to monitor wound discharge or bleeding. We recommend this option because it has multiple uses.


  • Ideal for those with latex allergies
  • High-quality cotton material
  • Provides enough material for various applications
  • White color makes it easy to observe wound conditions
  • Affordable pricing


  • Limited thickness

5) McKesson Triangular Bandage

McKesson Triangular Bandage


The McKesson Triangular Bandage is made from premium-grade muslin material. It offers durability and comfort for different first aid applications.

One of the standout features of the McKesson Triangular Bandage is the ability to shield wounds from contaminants. It can also serve as a supportive sling for injured limbs. This is why it is an excellent choice for professional healthcare settings and personal emergency kits.

We recommend these triangle bandages because they are durable and offer effective protection.


  • Made from high-grade muslin
  • Multi-functional bandage
  • Adhesive style and design make the bandage easy to apply
  • Individually packaged
  • Compact packaging
  • Generous size


  • Non-sterile

6) Dukal First Aid Triangular Bandage

Dukal First Aid Triangular Bandage


Dukal First Aid Triangular Bandage is another excellent option for those searching for affordable bandages that are individually packaged. This bandage is popular because it strikes a fine balance between durability and comfort.

Though it is worth noting that this product is non-sterile, its cotton muslin gauze composition still provides a soft, gentle touch on the skin. This quality ensures minimal trauma when dressing wounds, making it ideal for various emergency applications.

We recommend these bandages because they come with safety bandage pins. In addition, they offer the right mix of quality and functionality. It measures 37x37x52 Inches.


  • Made from cotton muslin gauze
  • Multiple uses
  • Comes in a pack of 12 individually-wrapped bandages
  • Ideal for those with latex allergies
  • Each pack includes two safety bandage pins


  • No instruction manual

7) MedBlades Box of 12 Triangular Bandage

MedBlades Box of 12 Triangular Bandage


The MedBlades Box of 12 Triangular Bandages is another excellent first aid kit option. They are made from soft and durable cotton. They are ideal for anyone with sensitive skin.

The bandages are sterile and individually packed in a zip lock bag. Each pack comes with two safety pins and instructions for use. They measure 36″x36″x51″ and are suitable for first aid survival gear.

We recommend these bandages for stocking your home first aid kit, workplace emergency supplies, or adventure trip essentials.


  • 100% High-quality cotton material
  • Latex-free and sterile
  • Versatile with multiple applications
  • Individually packed with safety pins and instructions
  • Great value with 12 bandages per box


  • None

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When To Use A Triangle Bandage

A triangle bandage is a versatile first aid bandage made from cloth. Here are some situations where a triangle bandage may be useful:

Sling for Arm or Shoulder Injuries

A triangle bandage can be used as a sling to immobilize an injured arm or shoulder.


The bandage can be folded to become a narrow strip and used to apply pressure on a bleeding wound.

Securing Splints

A triangle bandage can be used to tie splints against a fractured limb.

Head Dressing

The bandage can be tied around the forehead, keeping gauze or other dressings in place.

Cold/Heat Packs

Triangle bandages can hold ice packs or heat packs against an injured area.

Foot Support

The bandage can be used to create temporary support when your foot is injured.

When Not To Use Triangle Bandage

Severe Burns

Severe burns require special burn dressings or plastic wraps. Using a cloth bandage could stick to the burn and worsen the injury.

Deep Wounds Requiring Stitches

Deep cuts or wounds that clearly need stitches should not be closed with a triangle bandage alone. Professional medical treatment is needed.

Spinal Injuries

Avoid manipulating or constraining any injury, you suspect to involve the spine with a triangle bandage. Specialized immobilization is necessary.

Venomous Bites or Stings

The old notion of using a tourniquet for snakebites is now considered harmful. Specialized treatment is required for venomous bites and stings.

Eye Injuries

Specialized eye pads or shields are preferable for eye injuries. A triangle bandage may exert pressure on the eye, worsening the injury.

Infection Risk

If the bandage is not clean, it could introduce bacteria into the wound and cause an infection. Use only sterilized or clean materials for wound care.

Joint Dislocations

Triangle bandages can support joints but cannot reset a dislocated joint. Medical intervention is needed.

How To Use A Triangle Bandage

To use a triangle bandage:

  • Open the bandage and make sure it is in the form of a triangle. You might need to fold a square bandage diagonally to achieve this shape.
  • Place the bandage over the area you intend to support or cover.
  • Tie the ends securely but not too tightly, as you do not want to cut off circulation.
  • Check for any signs of restricted blood flow or discomfort and adjust as necessary.
  • If you have serious injuries, seek professional medical assistance immediately.

Precautions when using Triangle Bandage

1) Inspection before Use

Before using the triangle bandage, inspect it for any defects, fraying, or dirt. Some sterile, pre-packaged triangle bandages have an expiration date. Make sure it has not expired.

2) Proper Technique

Avoid Too Tight Wrapping. Do not wrap the bandage too tightly, as it may cut off blood circulation. Remember to use padding like gauze or cotton in areas where the bandage will directly touch a wound. In addition, you should fold the bandage multiple times to provide sufficient strength to support the injured limb.

3) Injury-Specific Precautions

Do not move the broken or fractured limb while tying the bandage. If the injury is bleeding, apply pressure with a sterile cloth before tying the bandage. In addition, you should avoid applying the bandage too tightly over burnt skin.

4) Hygiene and Sterility

Always wash your hands before touching any wounds or bandages. Also, remember to use sterilized scissors and other tools if available.

5) Monitoring

Frequently check the skin close to the bandage (fingers, toes) for color, warmth, and the ability to move. This will help indicate blood circulation. Be cautious about swelling; you might need to loosen the bandage.

If you are experiencing any discomfort or pain, adjust the bandage accordingly.

6) Other Considerations

The triangle bandage is a temporary solution. Seek professional medical help for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions On The Best Emergency Triangle Bandage

1) What Material is Best for a Triangle Bandage?

A good triangle bandage is usually made from a durable, breathable material like cotton or a cotton blend. It should be easily washable and quick to dry.

2) Can I Reuse An Emergency Triangle Bandage?

Yes, many triangle bandages are reusable if made from durable material. However, if the bandage has been used to cover an open wound, it is best to discard it.

3) Can I Make a DIY Triangle Bandage?

Yes, you can cut fabric into a triangular shape to create your own makeshift triangle bandage. However, commercial bandages like those shared in this guide are more reliable and convenient.

4) What are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Triangle Bandage?

  • Not securing it tightly enough will result in slippage or lack of support.
  • Using a dirty or contaminated bandage will introduce infection.
  • Wrapping it too tightly will restrict blood flow.

5) Can I Use a Triangle Bandage on Pets?

Yes, you can use a triangle bandage on pets for the same purposes as humans—immobilizing a limb, creating a sling, or covering a wound.


By now, we are sure you have selected the best emergency triangle bandage. We have also shared how to use them effectively. A good understanding of using a triangle bandage is a lifesaving skill in emergencies.

Remember, a triangle bandage is incredibly useful but not a replacement for professional medical advice and treatment. Always consult healthcare providers for severe injuries and emergencies.

We hope this comprehensive buying guide helped you to make an informed purchase.