5 Best CPR Training Kits

The best CPR training kits incorporate a range of components and features to deliver comprehensive training experiences.

These CPR training kits provide individuals with hands-on practice and realistic simulations to develop their CPR skills and boost their confidence in performing life-saving techniques.

Whether you are a healthcare professional, a workplace safety officer, or a concerned citizen, investing in the best CPR training kit is crucial for acquiring the necessary knowledge and honing your CPR skills.

The kits include anatomically correct manikins that mimic human physiology, allowing learners to practice chest compressions, rescue breaths, and other critical maneuvers. They often have built-in feedback systems to provide real-time guidance on compression depth; rate and hand placement ensuring learners perform CPR correctly.

Additionally, CPR training kits often include various accessories such as face shields, disposable lung bags, and replacement parts for the manikins, enabling multiple users to train comfortably and hygienically. Some kits also feature audio-visual aids, instructional DVDs, or digital platforms to supplement the hands-on training, offering comprehensive educational resources.

What is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an emergency procedure performed on individuals experiencing cardiac arrest or other medical emergencies that cause their heart to stop beating effectively. The aim is to maintain blood flow to vital organs, particularly the brain, until professional medical help such as defibrillation or advanced life support arrives.

During CPR, a combination of chest compressions and rescue breaths is administered to the person in need. Chest compressions involve applying pressure to the chest to compress the heart and manually circulate blood throughout the body. This helps deliver oxygenated blood to the brain and other organs.

Rescue breaths, also known as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, involve providing breaths to the person by sealing their nose and covering their mouth with your own, creating an airtight seal. This helps deliver oxygen into the person’s lungs, which then circulates throughout their body during chest compressions.

The immediate initiation of CPR by a bystander greatly increases the chances of survival and reduces the risk of permanent damage to vital organs. It is important to note that CPR techniques may vary slightly based on current guidelines and training protocols.

Organizations like the American Heart Association (AHA) and the American Red Cross provide standardized CPR guidelines that are regularly reflect the latest advancements in resuscitation techniques.


What to Consider When Buying Best CPR Training Kits

There are several factors to consider ensuring you make an informed decision. Here is a list of key aspects to keep in mind:

Realism and Quality

Look for CPR training kits that feature high quality, anatomically correct manikins that closely simulate the human body. Realistic features and weight distribution contribute to a more accurate training experience.

Feedback Mechanisms

Consider training kits that provide real-time feedback on compression depth, rate, and hand placement. Feedback mechanisms can enhance learning by helping users correct their technique and perform CPR more effectively.

Accessories and Consumables

Check if the kit includes essential accessories such as face shields, lung bags, and replacement parts for the manikins. These accessories ensure hygiene, durability, and cost-effectiveness for multiple users.

Instructional Materials

Evaluate the comprehensiveness of the instructional materials included in the kit. Look for resources such as instructional DVDs, printed manuals, or access to digital platforms that provide detailed guidance on CPR techniques and protocols.


Ensure that the CPR training kit aligns with current CPR guidelines and certification programs such as those provided by the American Heart Association (AHA) or other recognized organizations. Compatibility with established standards is crucial for maintaining accuracy and relevance in your training.

Portability and Storage

Consider the portability and storage options of the training kit. Kits that are lightweight, compact, and come with carrying cases or storage solutions are more convenient for transportation and organization.

Cost and Value

Evaluate the pricing of the CPR training kit relative to its features, quality, and durability. Assess the long-term value of the kit in terms of reusability, scalability, and its ability to meet your specific training needs.

User Reviews and Recommendations

Research and read reviews from other users who have experience with the CPR training kit you are considering. User feedback can provide valuable insights into the kit’s performance, durability, and overall user satisfaction.

One of the highly recommended CPR training kits is the Prestan Professional CPR Training Manikins. This kit stands out for its exceptional quality, realistic features, and comprehensive training capabilities.

By considering these factors, you can select the best CPR training kit that meets your training requirements.  We have provided you the following list to aid you in the selection process.

Best CPR Training Kits

1) PRESTAN UltraTrainer Adult and Infant CPR Manikin Kit with Feedback and MCR Accessories

1) PRESTAN Adult and Infant CPR Manikin Kit with Feedback, Prestan UltraTrainer, and MCR Accessories


The Prestan Adult and Infant AED ultra-trainer offers features not found on any other universal AED trainer and is the most accurate representation of how current AEDs perform.

Both manikins will optimize your training program by ensuring the student’s compression depth and rate are mate with an audible ‘ticking’ sound and LED indicators provided by two separate feedback devices.


  • 3 x 14.25 x 13 inches
  • Weighs 14.6 Pounds
  • Three C batteries required
  • One Prestan Adult manikin with feedback
  • Manufactured by MCR Medical
  • Ten manikin lung bags
  • One Prestan infant manikin with feedback
  • Comes with Manivest, manibibs and kneeling mat


  • AHA Compliant
  • Cost effective
  • Manikins with feedback
  • Pinch-able noses and fully formed neck portion
  • Realistic looking manikins with pinch-able noses and fully formed neck portion
  • – Easy-to-insert lung bags speed setup of the manikin
  • -Realistic skin resists dirt, grime and grease


  • Batteries not included with manikin feedback device
  • For Training Purposes Only

2) Prestan Take2 CPR Manikin Trainer Kit with Feedback 2) Prestan Take2 CPR Manikin Trainer Kit with Feedback (2-Adult, 2-Infant, & 2-UltraTrainers)


This Prestan “TAKE2” pack offer high-end features at a price you will appreciate. The manikins meet AHA and ARC standards for CPR feedback, while providing dependable and realistic training scenarios to your students. The pack provides all of the essentials to begin a CPR training career in one affordable collection.


  • Two Prestan Professional Adult Manikin
  • Two Professional Infant Manikin
  • Two Ultra trainers
  • Manikins Have Feedback
  • Eight AA batteries
  • Starter 20-pack adult sized lung bags
  • Starter 20-pack infant sized lung bags
  • Carry case with foam inserts
  • Repacking instruction sheet


  • High performance components
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Ready to set up and use
  • 23 x 26 x 23 inches
  • Weighs 27.3 Pounds


  • Non rechargeable batteries

3) PRESTAN CPR Adult Manikin 4-Pack with Feedback

PRESTAN CPR Adult Manikin 4-Pack w. Feedback, AED UltraTrainer, Carry Bag w. Wheels


Coming from the same manufacturer, this Prestan CPR adult manikin 4-pack offers similar features as the above but with two more manikins and wheeled carry bag.


  • Four Prestan Professional Adult Manikin
  • comes with AED
  • Four Professional Infant Manikin
  • Four Ultra trainers
  • Manikins Have Feedback
  • Eight AA batteries
  • Starter 50-pack adult sized lung bags
  • Starter 50-pack infant sized lung bags
  • One MCR Medical Carryall bag with wheels
  • Trolley handle Repacking instruction sheet


  • High performance components
  • Three Year Warranty
  • Ready to set up and use
  • 23 x 26 x 23 inches
  • Weighs 27.3 Pounds


  • Do not come with batteries
  • Non rechargeable batteries

4) CPR & FA Training Kits MCR Medical supplies

CPR & FA Training Kits w. 2 Non-Woven Triangular Bandages, 10 Pack, MCR Medical


This is an MCR Medical student training kit with supplies that can be used during first aid and CPR training per student.


  • Pack contains 10 kits
  • 1-CPR shield
  • 2-Gauze pads
  • 1-Roller gauze
  • 2-Triangular Bandages
  • Pair of gloves
  • Package size is 12.3 x 9.5 x 3.7 inches
  • Weighs 1.45 Pounds


  • Kits are individually packaged for each student
  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Sterile packaging


  • Does not come with manikin and/or AED

5) Prestan Family Pack of CPR Training Manikins kit

Prestan Family Pack of best CPR Manikins kit (2 Adult, 1 Child, 2 Infant) Medium Skin with Rate Monitors, PP-FM-500M-MS


Closing up this list is the Prestan family pack that offers a range of manikins in terms of age and accessories.


  • 2 Adult
  • 1 Child
  • 2 Infant Manikins
  • compression rate meters
  • ‎ 25.5 x 22.9 x 13.25 inches
  • Weighs 27.5 Pounds
  • Ten AA batteries required.
  • Twenty Adult Face-Shield Lung Bags
  • Ten Child Face-Shield Lung Bags
  • Twenty infant Face-Shield Lung Bags
  • An Instruction Sheet
  • Nylon carrying case.


  • Realistic skin that resists dirt, grime and grease
  • Easy-to-insert face shield lung bag
  • Fast to setup
  • Three-year warranty against defects in workmanship
  • Medium Skin with Rate Monitors


  • Does not come with batteries

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CPR Training

CPR training is a vital educational program that equips individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to respond effectively during life-threatening emergencies. Through it, participants learn how to assess a person’s condition, initiate immediate CPR, and provide essential chest compressions and rescue breaths.

Training sessions typically combine theoretical instruction with hands-on practice on CPR manikins, enabling learners to develop confidence in performing these critical techniques.

CPR training not only empowers participants to save lives but also promotes a culture of preparedness, ensuring that people are ready to respond promptly and effectively in emergencies.

This training is widely available and recommended for healthcare professionals, first responders, and individuals who want to be prepared to handle emergencies. Regular retraining and certification are often required to ensure ongoing proficiency in CPR skills.


FAQs for Best CPR training Kits

Are there CPR training kits suitable for both individuals and professionals?

Yes, many CPR training kits are designed to cater to both individuals and healthcare professionals. Look for kits that offer varying levels of complexity, from basic to advanced training features to ensure they meet your specific training needs.

Do CPR training kits come with feedback mechanisms?

Indeed, many CPR training kits include feedback mechanisms to provide real-time guidance on compression depth, rate, and hand placement. These mechanisms enhance the learning experience and help users develop accurate CPR technique.

Do group-training sessions use CPR training kits?

Absolutely. Many CPR training kits are designed for group training sessions. They often come with multiple manikins and accessories to accommodate several learners simultaneously, making them ideal for workplace training, community organizations, or educational institutions.

Are there digital resources included in CPR training kits?

Some CPR training kits provide digital resources such as instructional DVDs, online videos, or access to digital platforms. These resources can supplement hands-on training and provide additional educational materials to enhance the learning experience.

Are CPR training kits used for certification purposes?

Yes, many CPR training kits align with established certification programs and guidelines, such as those provided by the American Heart Association (AHA) or similar organizations. However, it is important to verify the specific compatibility of the kit with the certification requirements you need to fulfill.

How much should I expect to spend on a quality CPR training kit?

The cost of CPR training kits can vary depending on the brand, features, and accessories included. Prices typically range from around $100 to a few hundred dollars. Consider your budget and the value the kit offers in terms of quality, durability, and comprehensive training features.

Are there any customer reviews or recommendations available for CPR training kits?

Yes, it is advisable to read customer reviews and recommendations before purchasing a CPR training kit. Online marketplaces, medical supply websites, and professional forums are good sources for gathering insights from other users’ experiences with different CPR training kits.


In conclusion, investing in the best CPR training kit is a crucial step towards preparedness and life-saving skills development. The market offers a wide range of CPR training kits, each with its own unique features and advantages.

By considering factors such as realism, feedback mechanisms, accessories, instructional materials, compatibility, portability, and cost, individuals and professionals can make informed decisions when choosing the right CPR training kit.

Whether it is the Prestan Professional CPR Training Manikins, Laerdal Little Anne CPR Training Manikins, or other reputable options, these kits provide the tools and resources necessary to acquire and enhance CPR skills. With proper training and practice, individuals can become confident responders in emergencies.